Hi, Iā€™m CLORE Blockchain
a native currency of CLORE.AI


Our goal is distributed supercomputer provided by community members

So, what's my purpose?

CLORE Blockchain is here to reward computing power providers on clore.ai marketplace. Providers will be earning CLORE Blockchain when they successfully rent their machine on clore.ai alongside with the bitcoins paid from the customers for the computing power

Cutting edge technology

Our marketplace CLORE.AI can offer computational power from distributed network of computational power providers all around the world at unbeatable prices

For whatever you desire

Need to train AI model?
Need to render complex animation?
Transcode a video?
CLORE.AI will do that for you!

Now with remote desktop that you can use in your browser! 

Enter billion dollar market

Cloud rendering market is expected to grow to 25 Billion USD in 2025
Artificial intelligence market is projected to hit 200 Billion USD in 2026
You are on the right track with US

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Linux Ubuntu 22.04

Source code


December 2022

šŸš€ Project launch

CLORE.AI has launched it's marketplace in beta with it's native coin CLORE Blockchain

Q1-Q2 2023

šŸ’Ŗ Work on marketplace

Our main focus is CLORE.AI GPU marketplace, we must work on the marketplace to make it competetive to alternatives.

Q2 2023

šŸŖ™ Coin usecase

After the marketplace will have implemented and tested all it's features and come out of beta the coin will have a utility to lower fees on the GPU marketplace.

Q3 2023

šŸ“ˆ Rewards for owners

If the marketplace reaches profitability, we will try to give back to those who believed in the project by sharing revenue of the marketplace with holders on CLORE Blockchain

Get informed about our future steps

Things that might interest you

CLORE Blockchain has total supply of 1,300,000,000 coins. Block reward is decreasing every block, so it is much better model than halving, because the rewards are lowering slowly not a 50% reward lowering shock. Blocks are generated in average every 1 minute

Block reward is split between these groups:
50% - GPU miners
40% - Rewards for hosting providers on CLORE.AI
10% - Developer fees that will be invested towards growth of CLORE ecosystem

The goal of clore.ai is to run marketplace with GPU compute servers and be up-to-date with all customer needs. CLORE.AI currently have fully functional GPU compute marketplace, that can be used for any workload that runs on linux, basically any AI workload, rendering, transcoding, password recovery...

Coin is currently used by proof of holding mechanism to lower fees to clore.ai by holding CLORE Blockchain, more info you will find in: this document